20 Lane Highway

20-lane motorway

(...) The (un)famous 20-lane half-abandoned motorway in front of the parliament building. It has a 20-lane boulevard which, like most streets in the city, is largely empty.

An abandoned 20-lane highway leads through the empty capital of Myanmar. Both the 805 in Los Angeles and the I-75 in the Altanta metro have over 20 lanes. People can' t even use two lanes on a motorway where I live, ask yourself what it would be like if you could choose from 20 lanes.

What part of the world? - A retrospection of 20 Lane Highway, Naypyidaw, Myanmar

You' ll reach Naypyidaw on a regular four-lane street changing to 8-lane, followed by 16 and finally 20-lane roads as the street goes past the huge new parliamentary build. Naypyidaw is the new capitol of Myanmar; it is definitely a must to see, but there is little interest there except the 20 lane highway. where else do you have a 20 lane highway, but no car?

It is not a place to waste too much free space, but it is really interesting to see this strange ghost town. Ten carriageways in each of the directions lead past the Parliament House. It is good to stop by once to appreciate the size of the highway. That 20-lane track with hardly any other vehicles in view.

You ever been on the 20 Lane Highway before?

Where' s the broadest highway in the USA (and if not in the USA, where is the broadest in the world)? I' m on the 405 in L.A. right now and it looks like there will be about 12 traffic lanes after the extension work. Is it going to be the broadest?

I-10, which leads from Florida to Southern California, is the world's largest highway in the Katy, TX section (a Houston suburb) to Downtown Houston, TX, at a range of approximately 22 mile. It has an average of 26 tracks, and in some areas (intersection of 610 loops with I-10) it has a combined 30 tracks, of which 6 feeders and 4 HOV tracks.

Nevertheless, it still will take more than an hour to get from downtown Houston to Raty, TX during the journey. Houston Texas's Qaty is the world's broadest one. With a FIFTY LANE motorway (G4 Beijing Hong Kong-Macau Expressway), China came home in October 2015, when million of drivers came home after the Golden Monarch.

Both the 805 in Los Angeles and the I-75 in the Altanta subway have over 20 tracks.

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