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Myanmar's 10 best destinations

Ten things not to miss in Myanmar. Nature Land Travels & Tour Co. is a private company working with a friendly and well-trained team. In Myanmar (Burma); Start/end in: Top 10 Places in Myanmar.

Explore 24 hidden attractions, cool sights and unusual things in Myanmar (Burma) from Bagan to Insein Prison.

The 10 best sights in 2016

The year 2015 was a year of adventures, surprise and astonishing possibilities to explore even more great and off the well-trodden paths. Like a year ago, on the basis of my own experiences (I have been in all the different places described below), I would like to present my 2016 destination schedule (click here to see the 2015 contribution).

Rather than repeat all known places, I want you to get inspiration and discover new adventures and excitement. You probably never thought you could go and see some of them, and you'll be sure to be stunned when you find out where these wondrous miracles really are!

The Czech Republic is a renowned tourist resort with the fine Prague architectural style. But I have chosen to put this small land on the shortlist because it conceals an astonishing wonder of nature - the cliff maze Adrspach-Teplice. When I show the pictures of Ardspach to the public, hardly anyone who comes to Prague is really amazed that such a place is in the Czech Republic.

You will be impressed by the enormous rock pillars, the yellow coloured stream, the water falls and the blue coloured sea. But they are no different than anywhere else in the whole wide globe and the best way to discover the true beauties of the islands is to get out of the touristic area. In addition to kilometres of paradisiacal sandy areas and sea life, Mauritius offers many wonderful miracles of nature (some of which are truly unique):

7 Colored Earth, Pont Nature - an unspoilt vulcanic stone river crossing, stunning national parks, steep mountains and an exhilarating capitol - Port Louis. For more information about the best Mauritius beach and other miracles, click here. Macedonia, although situated right next to the very famous Greece, welcomes very few international people.

It' a small nation, but it has its own special ambience. Wonderful Ohridsee, with its eastern architectural style and covered buildings in reds, is the major tourist attractions - you will like it. Scopje - the disputed metropolis is probably the most messy and varied town in Europe. Grey, dark and dark communistic blocs are standing next to an old fort, an old Turk seaside store, Mediterranean cathedrals and the highly contemporary and wealthy new part of the town, which is built on old Greeks architech.

It' also the town where I've seen a lot of really freaky sights. For more information about the sights in Macedonia click here (will be updated). This is the ideal place for those who want to begin their African adventures. Cape Verde has 10 archipelagos.

For more information about the sights of Cape Verde, click here (to be updated). There are other astonishing paths in the area and small towns where you can see the remains of the Inca Empire. For more information about Machu Picchu and other places in Peru, click here.

Mr President, I question whether you have ever seen a tourist publication or guidebook suggesting a visit to Kosovo. A small nation that has recently achieved sovereignty, it is like any other place in the Balkans - astounding! Prishtina may be an unpleasant town, but it is so interesting and has such a great atmosphere that everyone should see it!

The other small cities in Kosovo are also definitely to be visited - Prizren, for example, has a nice, eastern architectural style and from the fort you have a breath-taking panorama over the region, "flooded" with eroded rooftops. You may also be surprised - Kosovo uses the euro as its monetary base.

For more information about the sights in Kosovo, click here (to be updated). Burma is still off the well-trodden paths, although I don't think for long. Other less well-known places (like the Golden Pagoda) are much less touristy and to get there you have to be patient and prepare for an inconvenient yet exciting trip that you will never ever get over.

Burma still has the clean, unparalleled ambience of the area - you don't see Western people looking for inexpensive beverages and sexual intercourse like in Thailand. Now, before they lose their genuineness, go to his best rides, just like in Thailand. For more information on Myanmar's sights, click here (to be updated).

You can only reach the small secluded towns by walking for a few hours and when you arrive there you find yourself in a whole different underworld. Today more than ever, Nepal needs a visitor after the terrible quake in 2014. For more information about the sights in Nepal, click here (to be updated).

It is a small land that lies between Italy and Croatia (both unbelievably popular) and yet is still quite unfamiliar. Surrounded by first-class natural beauty, as well as well-kept cities and hamlets. Its best-known attractions are the Bleder See. For more information on Slovenia's attractions, click here (to be updated).

Kasakhstan is my number one. Who' s going to Kazakhstan? You' re probably familiar with Kazakhstan from the movie Borat. Kasakhstan is one of the most astonishing nations in the atlantic. The places I am speaking of are all in a small area of Almaty (except Astana). Let us begin with the Great Almaty Lake - the entrance is limited, but it is still definitely recommended to visit it just to see the milkiness and blueness of the waters.

Kaindy, another one of a kind, was shaped by an eartquake that caused a landslide that blocked the mountain brook. It swamped the wood and left behind silvery, decaying tribes rising from the seatop. Don't miss the "Bania" adventure in one of the isolated mountain towns - the handmade traditional Russians saunas, which are essentially a wood cabin with oven and warm-faucets.

And, a little interesting fact - did you know that the name Almaty means quite simply "the town of the apples"? That' s a whole bunch for a land that never seems to be a place to see in the West press, isn' it? For more information about the sights in Kazakhstan, click here (to be updated).

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