10 best places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar's 10 best destinations

Top 5 places to start in Myanmar. The 10 amazing places in Myanmar are perfect for all travelers who love history, culture and spirituality. Mandalay, the former capital of Burma, lies on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in the heart of this vast country. Don't miss these 11 most important things you can do in Yangon, Myanmar. I have the privilege of climbing the 10th century pagoda that surrounds the beauty of this city.

There are 10 wonderful places to visit in Myanmar

For many people outside the Burmese capital, Myanmar is a place where Aung San Suu Kyi comes from or a place of constant warfare. But there are also many well-preserved, beautiful and mysterious places worth visiting in this gold area. The 10 most wonderful places to visit in Myanmar are listed below.

The Shwedagon is a 2500 year old Buddha Hairs Necklace which, according to tradition, has been preserved along with many valuable Buddhist relic! Shwedagon is one of the oldest pagodas in the worid, completely clad in gilded sheet. In fact: 8000 goldplates, 5000 Diamanten, 2000 gemstones were used to adorn the motherboard.

Myanmar is definitely not without a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda! Lake Inle is still relatively unspoilt in comparison to similar waters in the area. Now visit its beauties before the inflow of tourist da. Without a doubt, the most wonderful moments here are the evenings.

This is definitely a place not to miss in Myanmar. The second largest Buddha in the whole wide universe! The Bodhi Tataung Buddha stands at an altitude of 129 meters on a hillside and commands the countryside for a mile. He is currently the second highest Buddha in the worid! This whole sculpture also gives a feeling of peace, thanks to the tranquil look on the Buddha's face.

In order to strengthen the secrecy of tranquility of the places, there are thousand of Buddha seated in distributed positions spread over the area. Do you have good enough reason to visit? Mingun bells, with a hight of 3.7 meters and a total mass of 90 tonnes, are today the biggest bells in the whole wide globe and the second one.

It is so big that you can easily stay in the cup. The king Bodawpaya, who ordered the clock in 1808, was so fond of making it remain the largest clock in the whole wide open that he apparently had the artisan execute him when the clock was finished to prevent him from making something similar.

The Mingun Temple would have been the highest temple in the worid with a projected altitude of 152 metres. Luckily for the humans, but unfortunately for the records, this venture was stopped when it was prophetically predicted to reach its present altitude of 50m. Constructed in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, these holy holiness and wonderful churches are spread over a small area of 16 sq. mile and form a unique mystic and impressive area.

Ananda Paya has a history to discover, from the enigmatic Dhammayangyi Pahto temples with breathtaking cave-like passages to the thousand wonderful Buddha pictures, each of the pagodas is inimitable. It' not surprising that the best photo opportunities at twilight are when the glistening nature lights enhance the beauties of this mystical place.

Situated over 100 meters high, this is the highest rail link in Myanmar and extends almost 700 meters. Ngapali Beach is one of the best unspoilt South East Asian shores, with long, unspoilt sandy beach, clear water and wavering lines ofpalms.

There are also challenging and luxury accommodations that you may even overlook. It is possibly the only spectacular Buddha in the whole wide universe. Wondrously located on a rock in an almost impossibility corner, the Golden Rock is a small stupa erected on a rock of rocky granites coated with golden leafs glued by pendants.

Beside the breathtaking midnight views of the panorama, the trip to the hill was another invaluable one. These 10 places of interest should be reason enough for you to make your Myanmar flight reservations now! Come and see the underworld with us.

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