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The value of 1 USD in Myanmar Kyat for the week (7 days) increased: 98 MMK (one Kyat ninety-eight pya). 91244?, The converter shows the conversion of 1 US dollar to Myanmar Kyat from Friday, July 6, 2018. Use" Swap currencies" to make the US dollar the default currency. Also get a dollar to Kyat currency converter widget or currency conversion guide or chart for your website.

Current USD Money Situation in Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, I'm travelling to Myanmar very soon and I'm currently working on my 2.5-week Myanmar itinerary. How is the monetary position with regard to USD invoices, which must not be older than 2006, tidy, no tears/spots/cracks/marks, etc.? Do I have to take my whole journey with me to spend it?

There is an exchange ratio between 965 and 975. This value can only be reached by 100 grades. There is no ATM, but Yangon has a bank. You have significantly improved the banknote grade, especially for smaller banknotes, but you will still be best with some new $100 banknotes for exchange.

Modify a great deal in Yangon if you can. I' ve seen ATM machines in Yangon, Nyaungshwe, Mandalay and Nyaung U (I don't know what was on the last poster). You have high charges and your local banks will use a bad currency quote, so you may be better off getting money for the whole journey if you can get a good deal on AUD/USD.

I didn't go on a trip on a budget, but it' s inexpensive to eat - lots of good curry for $3-$5 from the local people - as well as busses, bike rental and memorabilia. However, it is not inexpensive to buy a hotel, car, driver and some of the other tourist amenities. 1 ) Does Myanmar know about the new $100 US-denominations? Will they think I'm giving them phony cash?

Usually I pleat cash and put it in belts/pockets etc. but that's not an optional extra. As I have learnt, the new invoices are well known to the banking sector and their use should not be an issue. Whenever I needed to, I would change my currency and make sure I had enough to last a week-end.

Don't make too many changes at once, you don't want to loose more cash if you switch it twice. What I did to keep my moneys beautiful was to divide them into several compress. In July I was in Myanmar. Looks to me like coin exchangers were still tricky about the $100 bucks they would take.

A place gave me a better rating for the absolute perfection of $100 notes than for $100 notes with meticulous mistakes. The best currency in Yangon; Bagan was lower and Inle Lake was much lower than that. We have no problems keeping the budgets and have been able to schedule a $86 rail journey from Yangon to Mandalay and a $80 shuttle from Mandalay to Bagan.

I wouldn't switch all your currency, either. We' ve exchanged half of us at the airfield and seen better prices since then. Also, you really get better rate when you are paying in bucks at many places (admission charges, hotels, transportation, even for souvenirs) as they generally use a $1 = K1,000 course instead of the 965 course you get at FX exchanges places.

Now you can see why so many of you are so excited about Myanmar.

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