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Formulas 1: Saubers Charles Leclerc wants to join Ferrari

Saubers Charles Leclerc is ready to join Ferrari next year. Leclerc's intention was to support him after a single campaign, as long as he exploited his apparent talent, and that's exactly what he did. Leclerc took a leap forward after a wobbly beginning of the campaign with errors in the first three rounds at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April, where he took the unloved Sauber to 6th place.

He has since won tenth place in the Grands Prix of Spain, Canada and France and impressively showed his skills, among others with the two-time champ Fernando Alonso's McLaren for half of the Barcelona Grand Prix. When the Leclerc transaction is completed, there is a risk that Raikkonen's carreer will end. The 38-year-old Finn was reported this weekend to be associated with a move to McLaren, but her top priorities are to keep Fernando Alonso as her leading rider.

So Alonso is considering two major options: to stay in F1 with McLaren but participate in the Indy 500; or switch to Indycars full-timers in 2019. Thursday the two-time champ said:

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