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Myanmar Kyat's value of USD 1 for the week (7 days) increased: It is 32 MMK (ten Kyat thirty-two pyas). Receive the 1 MMK weather forecast. mmk 1st mmk Museum of Modern Art Domstraße 10 60311 Frankfurt am Main Phone +49 69 212 212 30447. Telefax +49 69 212 37882 Updated closing rate of MYANMAR KYAT (MMK) against the US dollar index.

Frankfurt am-Mitte - Germany

An open contest for the tender of the exhibition hall took place in 1983. The Viennese bulding designer Hans Hollein was honoured with the first prize on 17 May 1983 and assigned with the work. Hollein's draft is founded on two principles. Hans Hollein says that there can be no impartial room within a curatorial institution, "but only distinctive rooms of different size (and of different ways of access), which come into a dialectic relation to the work of art, to its mutual development".

Hollein miraculously created the Museum for Contemporary Art, which Frankfurt residents and all postmodern architectural enthusiasts call a "piece of cake". For example, he managed to structure the three-sided edifice on the three-sided site in such a way that a walk around the edifice becomes a unique event.

Most of the museum's entrances are at the Domstraße/Braubachstraße junction, so that clear and unobstructed entrances are guaranteed and the house is connected to the old town. It is divided around a large and centrally positioned arena which is flooded with ambient lighting from above and from which you can not only see all rooms and storeys of the MMK, but also get to them.

One of the things that makes the architectural design so fascinating is the relation between the different rooms, their different dimensions and the targeted use of lighting throughout the entire structure. The MMK has almost 40 rooms and is so custom-tailored due to the special form of the structure that it is difficult to make a comparison with conventional museums.

MMC 1 Supplier | CAS 271246-66-3

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Following information is derived from the 1610.97 molecule mass of the material. Because of the hydrogenation of the solvents, the batch-specific molar masses can differ from lot to lot, which has an effect on the quantities of solvents needed to produce the master suspension. Reference works are those supporting the biologic activities of the drug. The list contains a list of over 450 research instruments for the investigation of G-protein-coupled receptors:

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