1 Kyat

one kyat.

It seems that 16 silver Kyat equals 1 golden Kyat. Kyat's value was equal to the Indian rupee that replaced Kyat when Burma was conquered by the British. Rupee was introduced when Burma was ruled by the Japanese in 1942. The Kyat currency was reintroduced in 1943 to replace the rupee. Code s?

u ISO 4217 first MMK.

Euro to Kyat - EUR to MMK Exchange Rate Unit

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Indonesian Rupiah Today's Rates = Rp10.1? MMK/IDR

?Ks 1 = 10.1193?, The convertor shows the transformation of 1 Myanmar Kyat to Malaysian Rupee from Wednesday, July 4, 2018. If you want to convert the indonese ropiah to Myanmar Kyat, please click on the following adress. To return to the start page of the foreign exchange calculator.

Myanmar Kyat is the Myanmar (Burma) language. Indonesia's rupee is Indonesia's cash. Myanmar Kyat was launched on June 18, 1989 (29 years ago) and the Indonesian kyat has been in use since December 13, 1965 (53 years ago). The Myanmar Kyat ( Ks1, Kys5, Ks10, Ks50 and Ks100) has 5 tokens, the Indonesian Kupiah has 5 tokens ( Rep50, Rp100, Rp200, Rp500 and Rp1000), the Myanmar Kyat has 12 notes ( Ks0).

6 notes for the Rpiah (Rp2000, Cp5000, Rp10000, Rp10000, Cp20000, Rp50000 and Rp100000) are available for Indonesia (5, Cs1, Cs5, Cs10, Cs20, Cs50, Cs100, Cs200, Cs200, Cs500, Cs500, Cs1000, Cs5000 and Cs10000). Are you sure it's the right moment to switch your currency?

Myanmar Rupees' best date to make changes to Myanmar in Indonesia was Tuesday, May 8, 2018. Back then, the value of the Swiss franc was at its highest. Myanmar Kyats' hardest attempt to make changes in Indonesia's rupees was Wednesday, September 20, 2017. MMK /IDR per diem rate histories since Wednesday 31 May, 2000.

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