1 Euro to Myanmar Kyat

to Myanmar Kyat: 1 Euro

EUR 1 to MMK Quick Look. 60 MMK, EUR 1 = 1,634. Sixty Myanmar Kyats, June 7, 2018. 100 Euro = 163.460.

Here is the page from Euro (EUR) to Myanmar Kyat (MMK) conversion, below you will find the current exchange rate between them and will be updated every 1 minute.

Euros in Burma Kyat (Myanmar Kyat), translate 1 EUR to MMK

This site offers the 1 Euro (EUR) to Myanmar Kyat (MMK) currency rates, selling and converting rates. We have also added the chart of most common visualisation and historical chart currency translation for 1 Euro (EUR) to Burma Kyat (Myanmar Kyat) (MMK) from Friday, July 6, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018.

Last updated the 1 Euro (EUR) currency translation rates. What is the price of 1 Euro for Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat) - 1659,83 Myanmar Kyat (Burmese Kyat).

MMK in Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

I' d like to know how to buy MMK in Myanmar. I' m arriving at Yangon International Air. - Do I prefer to cash at an ATM or buy the MMK in an exchange office at the university? - Which is the price quoted at the airports in comparison to the price quoted in the exchange offices in the city centre?

  • Are we able to cover all of Myanmar in Euros? - Easily find exchange bureaus or ATMs in tourist places (Bagan, Nyaung Shwe, Mandalay)? - To be accepted, do US dollar or euro banknotes still have to be flawless? The transfers from the airports are good, similar to the city.

No, you cannot buy in Euro, you can only convert into Kiev. ATT okay but make sure your tickets work with your hotel and there is a 5,000 kyat charge every and every plus whatever your own banking costs, I will always use currency and alteration at the Aiport. Now you can buy tickets in Kyoto, no need for $s.

Monetary goes away from $s, mostly KYAT''s are now used, although most hotels take $s. Who can tell me what is the present price for the purchase of Euro from Euro for Euro at the Aiport? Many bureaux de changes, some are shut on Sunday. Exchanges have been steady at around 1350 MMC per US$ in recent week, but this may be changing within a single Sunday....

Richard, to know the currency quote today is just an estimation of the course I will get and to help me make careful plans. At home I wanted to buy $US to take to Myanmar, but now that everything can be bought in Kyat, there is no need. After visiting both Pindaya and Kakku, I was able to buy everything (hotel, meals, beverages, souvenirs) in Kyats without any question.

As I only had Kyats with me, I didn't even ask if I could/should buy in US dollar and they easily accept my Kyats. Just make plans to buy everything else in Kyat.

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