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Front-dial 074

The area code 074 is available in 10 different locations. Locations with area code 074. Subsequent locations have the same area code 074. We have 50 area codes (except 048 for Northern Ireland). The following is a list of phone numbers and comments from other people on calls from the 074 area code.

Front-dial 074

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Got call from the young man who says they were my grandchild and had been in an accident in and great trouble because the other car's drivers were pregnant so he is now in prison and needs me to send/receive moneys. Same number but another one said they were with Legal Aide and mine..... just a quick ring to put the phone down.

United Kingdom Cell Phonebook Number Lists

The default cell phones and pagers numbers in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are eleven numbers starting with'07'. It' not certain in which net a cell telephone is located, because numbers can be shifted between the nets.

The first five or six numbers of a cell number, however, indicate which net it used. Note that it is not possible to distinguish the actual provider of a cell telephone from its number alone, as clients can take their numbers with them when they switch between different telephone lines.

In the above chart, you can only see which companies assigned the individual number ranges first.

Phone numbers in the Republic of Ireland

Area code is'0' followed by an area code whose first number indicates the area. However, cell telephone conversations always need the full area code and telephone number. The length of the prefixes in Ireland varies between one and three numbers (with the exception of the top 0), and the numbers of the participants range between five and seven number.

Migrations to a default size (0xx) ×xx xx xx ×x x are in the works; however, to prevent interference, this procedure is only performed when the available area code numbers and serial numbers have attained their full capability. Ireland's geographic area is regionally organised and follows a logic hierarchical structure of areas and sub-regions.

The prefixes are roughly equivalent to the following geographic regions: Several regionally coded areas cover the Swiss Plateau. They do not necessarily conform to district or province borders, as they have adapted to the networks technological needs over the years. The Dublin area also covers certain parts of Wicklow, Meath and Kildare.

071, 074 - Northwest area. 09/08 - See below for cell phones, pagers and some non-geographic numbers: Here, ComReg keeps a card of the area code numbers. Cell numbers begin with the area code 8x. Ireland's cellular telephony is part of a coherent serial numbers scheme. That means that a cell number must have 10-digit number.

Calling phones and the like requires the area code on your cell/cellphone. Since 2003, it has been operating in the field of portable number import. It is not possible to identify a cell telephone net by its area code. New numbers are currently assigned per net, for example, a new Three Ireland number would have the 083 code.

In Ireland, cell numbers have their own voice mail number. In order to use it, the number 5 should be after the code number. As an example the cell number 086 1234567, her voice mail number would be 086 5 1234567. In certain nets the announcement of the voice mail message is replayed (e.g. Vodafone, Meteor, etc.), while others require a telephone number, then the announcement of the voice mail for this number is replayed (e.g. Three Ireland).

User can push the pound sign (#) to get to the voice mailbox. It can be useful if your cell is empty and you want to retrieve your voice mail from another number. While Northern Ireland is part of the UK (+44) fixed network call scheme, there is a derogation for calls from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland.

You can dial a call to North Ireland with the 048 area code or by dialing the number in full internationality. The majority of Ireland's carriers handle incoming telephone traffic to and from the North of Ireland at domestic or even domestic tariffs. A similar system of charges applies to telephone charges from the Republic of Ireland to the Republic of Ireland. The number and network used by Nordic Ireland is the same as that used by other parts of the UK - phone numbers must be in 00 44 7xxx *xxx *xx xxx.

As in all EU member states, the global passcode is 00. Cellular telephones can also use + instead of the 00 global passcode. #03 - reserved for further changes in the numbers schedule. Allocated 0707 - Reserved for private use. 100 - Worldwide entry. 0xxxxxx x - Using dramas (although the remainder of the 020 area code is free).

07000 - User-defined numbers. The 080 mailbox for fixed network subscribers (formerly NI passcode). 0818 - Universal Acess ( "Universal Access") (similar to your own number). In Ireland there is no longer general user support. As in most of the other EU Member States, the Irish helpline number is 112. Please note that the tariff numbers in this chart are from Eir (landline) and 48 (mobile).

Provide voice mail accessibility on all networks: landline (POTS and cable), all cellular network and multiple Voice over IP (VoIP) vendors.

Various additional functions of your location exchange are controlled with the help of the additional code. First launched in Ireland in 1979 as PhonePlus on the first generations of Alcatel E10 and Ericsson AXE electronic exchange and launched at national level in the 1980s. There are different code for wired telephone circuits as provided by Virgin Media Ireland and Voipeople.

C2 - Accept call awaiting and put the call on hold / or switch between call. C3 - Connect both to a 3-way call. During a call, push the handset button on your telephone and select the number you want to include in the call. With R2 you can disconnect and switch between them.

However, some attendants may use a ringer to indicate the success of the call and a engaged signal to indicate an error/invalid code. 75 - Forward voice mail call when engaged. 75 - Deactivate call forwarding to voice mail if engaged. 77 - Forward a call to voice mail if not answered.

C2 - Accept call awaiting and put the call on hold/change between call. SM Supplementary Service Code - all Irish operators use the default GSM code to manage specific service such as call routing, blocking, call-holding and more. Most of the area code in County Donegal have been grouped into a unique area code (074) with 7-digit numbers.

Whereas other parts of South Donegal were consolidated in the (071) area code (e.g. Bundoran, Rossnowlagh)[3] The areas that had been eliminated were 073, 075 and 077. Every one of the numbers was a 7-digit number. The prefixes in Sligo and North Leitrim were amalgamated into the uniform prefix 071 with 7-digit numbers.

Pre-elections were 072, 078 and 079. Every one of the numbers was a 7-digit number. Primaries in parts of Galway and Mayo were combined into a unique 094 area, which included Castlebar, Swinford, Claremorris, Ballaghadereen, Castlerae and Ballinrobe. The primaries were 0907 and 092. Every one of the numbers was a 7-digit number.

The new 090 area code replaces four West Midlands prefixes, among them Athlone, Banagher North, Ballinasloe, Roscommon and Portumna. Prefixes were 0902, 0903, 0905 and 0509 All numbers were 7-digit prefix. The East Midlands primaries were amalgamated into the only 046 area code that includes Navan, Nobber, Kells, Trim, Enfield and Edenderry.

Area code 0405 has been canceled. Every single one of the numbers was a 7-digit number. In the following area, the area code was locally modified from 5-digit to 7-digit (without changing the area code). The numbers in Portlaoise, Birr and Tullamore have been combined to a new area code 057. Preselections were 0502, 0506 and 0509'.

Every one of the numbers was a 7-digit number. The prefixes in the south-east have been merged into the only prefix 053 which includes Wexford, Enniscorthy and Gorey. Pre-elections have been abolished: 054, 055. Every one of the numbers was a 7-digit number. In the following areas, the area code has been locally modified from 5-digit to 7-digit (without changing the area code).

In 1994 Dublin 01 was renamed to a 7-digit number. In 1998-1999 the number of 021 Corks was converted into 7 digits. In 2000, the 066 area code incl. Tralee and Dingle was converted to a 7-digit number. 080 was previously used for calling Northern Ireland, but after Northern Ireland was renumbered in 2000 it was switched to 048.

Up until the early 90s, the 03 area code was initially used for calling Great Britain, with the 030 area code in Ireland substituting 0 for the UK number. Calling UK towns via the Director phone system was also possible with short area codes: It was abandoned in 1992 when the dialing code was switched from 16 to 00 and UK dialing completely demanded the 44 and area code.

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