057 area Code

058 Area code

Primaries for all destinations in Colombia. Check all area codes in Colombia. Do you want to know which country has the area code +57? Find out which country has the international prefix +57. the country code, the area code and the local number.

Area map number (districts), area codes. Damietta ( area code 057) Mahalla El Kobra ( area code 040) Mansoura ( area code 050) Shebeen Al Kom ( area code 048) Reverse phone number lookup for the Republic of Ireland, allows users to search by phone number.

058 Area code

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Dialing code for Colombia is described on this page.

Top-Definition This page describes the area code for Colombia. The Colombian prefix 57 is dialled after the IDD. The 57 in Colombia is followed by an area code. Below is a list of the different area code numbers for Colombia. You can make calls abroad with the full Colombian area code.

Ukraine primaries

If you want to call a fixed line number in Ukraine, simply choose the area code and phone number. To call Odessa from Kiev, for example, call 048-xxxxxxxxxxx. Please note: The dialing policy in Ukraine was amended on 14 October 2009. In the past, phone numbers within Ukraine were preceded by 8, under the old system to call Odessa from Kiev would have been 8-048-xxxxxxxxxxx.

Kyrgyzstan New telephone prefixes

After the recent Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) announces the new Telecom Numbersing Programme for Kenya, we would like to announce to our valued clients and the general population that we are currently revising our Telecom System, which will result in the launch of new National Primaries (STD CODES).

To ensure a seamless changeover in the introduction of the new numbers scheme, the old and new prefixes will be available from 4 April 2003 for a three-month time frame, after which the old prefixes will be used. Because of the extended cover of the new area code, some client numbers that collide with the new numbers scheme will be modified.

The following is a listing of the new National Area Codes (STD CODES) and the modified client numbers.

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