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Front-Call 043

Includes the Geographical Area Code (GAC), which is a help for a thematic approach to the object. Dialing prefixes in the Republic of Ireland These are the phone prefixes for Ireland. Landline subscribers do not need to call the area code if they contact another person in their area. 0504 Thurles, Templemore, Borrisoleigh, Holycross, These passwords, unlike most of the above, cannot be dialed from abroad. Subsequent numbers are custom numbers that you select yourself:

Following code starts with specific telephone numbers: Use the following prefixes for normal telephone numbers to influence the way they are handled:

Front-end 043 Geographical area code

Includes the Geographical Area Code (GAC), which is a help for a thematic approximation to the object. Your code choice can be based on geographical name and/or division into six xx spaces with additional keywords and index terms. Type the code in the order of its meaning, usually in the same order as the geographical name and/or divisions in the six xxs.

Every geographical area code has seven digits that use lower case or dashes. Each of the seven items must be completed or the box will not be validated; hyphenate any left blank spaces so that the input is seven digits long. Refer to the MARC code list for geographical areas (http://www.loc.gov/marc/geoareas/). For an area too dense to be covered by a code, map the code to the next greater jurisdiction or area.

Geographical area code. For each code, use a different sub-field ?a Allocate a geographical area code if a topic line associated with the article has a geographical concept in any shape or city. Allocate geographical area code numbers if the circumstances justify it, even if the title does not use a particular geographical name.

When more than one area is affected, allocate more than one area code. Provide code for stories and criticism of domestic literary works and for single or entire works of literary work if the keywords have literary contents. Issue a code for your own collectively published nationally and locally published bios. Don't give any code for works of personal and autobiographical interest unless a following line in the title quotes the geography.

Allocate geographical prefixes for culture and race. Allocate geographical prefixes for corporations. Don't allocate geographical prefixes for works of music. In the sermon reference line, German, for example, the word refers to the vocabulary and does not warrant a geographical prefix. Geographical area code extension.

For every GAC code, use a different sub-field for each of the GAC code pages: ?b You can find the code resource in the ? sub-field. For the purpose of exchanging information and for communication on an global level, it is advisable to include geographical prefixes in the ?a area. This is a été publié dans le Code aus der É in de l'ISO 3166, l'Organisation internationale de normalisation, écodes pour la représentation des noms de pays et de leurs subdivisions - Partie 1 :

Countrycodes or part 2: Countrycodes (http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/country_codes.htm). For the creation of bibliographical data sets according to RDA or ADACR2 see geographical areas code book (http://www.loc. gov/marc/geoareas/) for the code number. Every geographical area code has seven digits consisting of lower case and dashes. Dublin Core® data sets can be created using non-MARC code sets.

You can find information on the ? sub-field under Control Sub-fields. Sources from which the on-premises code was allocated. Only used if the ?b sub-field is used to specify a specific locally defined key. Geographic Area Code aus Geographic Area Code und TermSource Code (http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/geographic-area.html). Don't include a ? field. You can find further information on the ? sub-field under Control Sub-fields.

You can find information on the ? sub-field under Control Sub-fields.

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