A Guide to Tourism Destinations and Beyond      Vol.4   No.4     July September 2005

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Dendrobium nobile
King Manuha on a white elephant

A Letter to our Readers

Dear Readers,
The rainy season of May to September has washed away the heat and dust of summer, and left the country sparkling with fresh greenery.

For this new season we at Enchanting Myanmar are happy to present a good selection of articles, such as on the wild orchids found near ice mountains by our contributor U Kyaw Nyunt, who would gladly brave ice and snow or wild jungles to search for his beloved blooms.

Then, our chief editor U Hpone Thant tells us about the Chindwin River, often over-shadowed by the Ayeyarwaddy, but no less beauti- ful or important. The article states the river's place in history. The surrounding area also played important parts from King Alaungpaya's days in the 18th century to the time of World War II.

Another new writer has joined our ranks, Terence Tan, whose deep interest 1n Pyu era artifacts and coins benefits us greatly when he writes about the intriguing and rare gold beads in the shape of dice.
The carving of traditional marionettes is presented by Ma Thanegi.

To round up the diverse array of subjects we tell you of a pagoda festival in Bagan with rituals vastly different from celebrations at any other pagoda in the country.

Enjoy!The editorial board

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