A Guide to Tourism Destinations and Beyond

Vol.3  No.4   
July-September 2004

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A Letter to
our Readers

Dear Readers,
With the onset of monsoon, the country grows lushly fertile even in the dry zones of central Myanmar such as Bagan. There, the usually brown and parched earth shimmers with a soft carpet of green. It is not only nature that shows her wealth in Myanmar, the country has hidden depths of culture, ecology and traditions that few visitors see.

In this issue we present the tradition of silver smithing, a craft that has existed for a thousand years. The silversmiths of today may have fine-tuned their skills but they still work with the tools and techniques of their forefathers.

U Kyaw Nyunt, well-known Orchidgologist of Myanmar tells of his trip to the wild jungles of the North in search of the beautiful and elusive blossoms that have fascinated him for many years.

Our writer on ecology Hpone Thant reports on the condition of tigers in our wild life parks, where these endangered and magnificent creatures can roam free and protected.

An essay on the many varieties of earring worn by both men and women of Myanmar is charmingly illustrated with Sonny Nyein's photos. 

The translated short story for this issue is about the never-ending battle of the sexes. It was written over seventy years ago by a famous writer, Theikpan Maung Wa, but it may well still hold true of marriages today, in any part of the world.

Enjoy the freshness of the monsoon rains.

The Editorial Board