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Vol. 3 No.2 April-June 2004   

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A Letter to our Readers

Lisu girl in her best dressDear Readers,

We wish you a prosperous and auspicious 2004!

Myanmar is a wonderlands of places still to be discovered.

To start off the new year's first issue, we give you an insightful look into a place in Myanmar as yet relatively unexplored: the wonderful islands of the Myeik Archipelago in an article also featuring beaches and sea fronts more know.

This article with detailed data which would be very useful for those who which to learn more, is written by Hpone Thant.
Paul Spencer Sochazewski, a guest writer, tells us of his enchanting experiences in a small Upper Myanmar village.
An interering piece on the Salon sea gypsies of the south, also by Hpone Thant, displays a rare photo of a cave painting from one of the caves on the over-eight hundred islands of the region.

Ma Thanegi takes you for a tour of the cave pagodas of Po Win Taung hills, in Monywa Dostrict. Sonny Nyein's photos of the exquisite wall paintings bring alive the magic of this mysterious place.

Lastly, Putao, the toppermost town in Myanmar, situated right within the far northern tip, is featured in an article by Khin Ma Lay. The Rawang and the Lisu people of the region grace our pages in their colorful costumes.

We hope you enjoy the pleasant cool season of our winter, and that you share the joy of Myanmar people as you step into a brand new year.

The Editorial Board

Salon traditional dugout canoe