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Vol. 3 No.2 April-June 2004   

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Events Calendar

Manaw Festival

Where: Myitkyina, Kachin State
When: January 10,2004
Duration: 1 day
Traditional Kachin Manaw Festival to celebrate the New Year. 
All the Kachin clans will congregate at Myitkyina to celebrate this event.

Independence Day
Where: Main event in Yangon
When:January 4,2004
Duration: 1 day
Celebrated allover the country to commemorate the country's Independence in 1948.

Naga New Year
Where: lashi Township, Sagaing Division
When: January 14,2003
Duration: 1 day
One of the rarest ceremonies. 
Different Naga clans will gather in their colourful costumes to perform ritual dances.

Ananda Pagoda Festival
Where: Ananda Pagoda precinct, Bagan
When: One week preceding the Fullmoon day of Pyatho (January)
Duration: One week (6 to 13 January 2004)
One of the most popular pagoda festivals in the country. 
Villagers come in covered bullock wagons and camp for the duration.

Shan States Day
Where: Taunggyi (Southern Shan State) and lashio (Northern Shan State)
When: February 9,2004
Duration: 1 day
A popular holiday for the Shans, one of the main ethnic races of the country. 
Dance competitions of all the ethnic groups living in the Northern Shan State are usually held at lashio.

Union Day
Where: Main event in Yangon
When: February 12, 2004
Duration: 1 day
Celebrated allover the country to commemorate the signing of the Panglon (Pinlon)Treatythat paved the way for national unity and Independence.

Kyaikkhauk Pagoda Festival
Where:Thanlyin (formerly Syriam)
When: Fullmoon day ofTabodwe (February 5, 2004)
A typical Buddhist religious festival

Chin National Day
Where: Haka (Northern Chin State) and Mindat (Southern Chin State)
When: February 20, 2004
Duration: 1 day
A popular holidayforthe Chins,one of the main races of the country. 
Ethnic dances performed by different Chin groups at both venues.

Kekku Pagoda Festival
Where: Kekku Pagoda precinct, Taunggyi Township
When: Fullmoon day ofTabaung (March 5, 2004)
Duration: 1 day
Pa O people from all the surrounding villages come in their best costumes to pay homage to the pagoda. Some comes in bullock carts and make camps under
the huge banyan trees. 

Pindaya Pagoda Festival
Where: Pindaya Township, Southern Shan State
When: Fullmoon day ofTabaung (March 5, 2004)
Duration: 7 days starting from February 27.
Traditionally a pagoda festival in honour of the Buddha statues inside the Pindaya cave.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda Festival
Where: Yangon
When: Fullmoon day ofTabaung (March 5, 2004)
Duration: Approximately one week preceding the fullmoon day.
It is a traditional Buddhist pagoda festivl and one of the most important pgoda festivals in the country.