Enchanting Myanmar
  A Guide to Tourism Destinations and Beyond

Vol.3  No.1  
October-December 2003

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The Impossible River

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A Letter to our Readers

Dear Readers ,
Welcome once again to the pages of Enchanting Myanmar. We firmly believe that Myanmar is an enchanting place and we ourselves are constantly amazed to discover yet new destinations and new things to do in our country. Even in things that have been around for over a hundred years, looking at them with new eyes brings us fresh views we want to share with you. For example, we present a walk through the streets of Yangon to enjoy the architecture of the past in an article by Hpone Thant.

Yet another activity for the more adventurous and brave is white water rafting. A group of intrepid young men tried out one of the rivers in the far North and found it more of a challenge then they had anticipated. In spite of that they seemed to have enjoyed every moment of the journey and they have been kind enough to write about their adventure for us, as well as providing the exciting photos one of which you see on the cover. The trip was as much a discovery for them as it was for the folks living on the banks of the river!

October or Thadingyut by the Myanmar lunar calendar signifies the end of the three month's of Lent. It is a light festival celebrating the descent at night of Lord Buddha after he stayed in Tarwarainda Heaven for the duration of Lent. He had been welcomed with worshippers holding lamps. The end of Lent coincides with the end of the rainy season and w,th the harvest safely in, people of this agrarian country hold pagoda festivals to offer what they had earned in the past year. In a town called Kyaukse not far from Mandalay, their annual pagoda festival is unique for the participation of dancing elephants. Learn more about this vastly entertaining event in the article by Ma Thanegi.

Another important festival of the season is the colourful Hpaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival of Inle Lake, where they too have a special event: races of boats rowed by foot. It is one of the most famous festivals in the country attended by devotees not only from miles around but from far-off cities as well.

Lastly, we give you a delightful short story by a young woman writer. Enjoy the articles and look forward to enjoying the country in real time.

The Editorial Board

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